Send them back to school plastic free with all natural beeswax wraps

January 21, 2019


If you’ve never used beeswax wraps before or you’re just not sure how versatile they really are, you might be surprised to know that Eco Food Wrap can cover pretty much everything you would normally pack in your kids school lunch box. 


In fact, the antibacterial properties of Eco Food Wrap Beeswax wraps will help keep their lunch fresher for longer so they’re more likely to eat the good stuff you pack them. 


Here’s 5 ways to use Eco Food Wrap for school lunches



1. Sandwich Wraps


Vegemite, salad, jams, whatever they like, Eco Food Wrap large beeswax wraps will keep their sandwich fresh for longer, even in the hotter months.  Our medium or large  wraps are great, but we recommend our specially designed, Sandwich Wraps for ease and freshness. 


Our Sandwich Wraps are available to buy in a range of colours and designs here





2. Healthy Snacks


Go nuts for nuts with school lunch.  A great brainpower food, a snack of nuts early in the day will help them stay focussed for longer in class. 


Make a pouch or just roughly wrap a handful of nuts with our small, medium and/or snack size Eco Food Wrap Beeswax Wraps.  Or mix it up with trail mix or sultanas.


* Check your school policy on nuts beforehand 




3. Fruit that gets eaten


We always want our kids to eat their fruit.  One way to do that is to keep it fresh.  The fresher it is, the greater it tastes, and so the more likely it will be eaten.


Eco Food Wrap Beeswax Wraps keep fruit fresh.  They can even keep apple slices from browning for longer than plastic cling wrap due to their natural antibacterial properties.


This is true for avocado too!





4. Salad Sticks that stay crispy


Keep carrot and celery sticks crispy and fresh or wrap some sweet biscuit snacks as a treat.  Eco Food Wrap Beeswax Wraps will keep them fresher and cripier for longer too. 


To keep their lunch box healthy, use our small or medium size beeswax wraps for celery and carrot sticks. 



5. We're helping you get ready for school


Go back to school with Eco Food Wrap Beeswax Wraps and start the year sustainably.  We're giving 20% off all sales to help you prepare their plastic free lunch.    Simply use coupon code SCHOOL at check out to receive your discount.  Promotion ends 1 February 2019.


Shop the range here





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