Make Sustainable New Year's Resolutions

December 30, 2018


Making NYs resolutions is always fun. We can take on the world this side of the new year, only to look back months later and realise nothing has changed.


At Eco Food Wrap We've found that it's the small things that have helped us create big change. That's why we believe keeping resolutions simple is the best policy. Starting small can help you get started. Starting big can make it impossible.




So here are small and simple green NYs resolutions to get you started on your eco journey in the new year.



  • Replace cling wrap with plastic free beeswax wraps instead. Shop the Eco Food Wrap range here

  • Start a small organic herb or veggie garden at home

  • Ditch the car for at least one trip per week. Walk, ride, carpool or take public transit instead.

  • Start a compost bin to manage your kitchen scraps at home. Your herb/veggie patch  will thank you, as will landfill.

  • Donate money or your time as volunteer to a worthwhile eco cause.

  • Bring your own shopping bags every time.

  • Reduce your dependency on plastic bin liners. Store scraps in the freezer till bin day, use old product packaging, recycle more and put scraps in the compost.

  • Always use an eco cup when you buy your coffees.

  • Ditch plastic straws for good

  • Ditch disposable dinner where wherever you can

Don't try and do everything at once.  Start small and improve from there with small steps.  Think of it as your eco journey.


Shop the Eco Food Wrap range here and start your journey today.



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