Sustainability Means Ditching the Disposable Mindset

June 30, 2018

Sustainability, to us, has always meant a lot more than just ensuring renewable resources. It’s also about looking after things, and fixing them when they break; rather than just disposing of, or replacing them. My uncle drove the same car for 50 years; because he looked after it, and he know how to fix it, and in our often disposable culture, it is these ideals, of making things last, that has become such an important part of living our sustainable life. These are the core values of “sustainability” that we always try to instil within our children - Look after things; and fix them if/when they break. 


(The Buyerarchy of Needs by Sarah Lazarovic -


The most rewarding moments come when we notice these same values reflected in the actions of our children. Today, our little boy surprised us by “replacing” the three missing pieces of his puzzle; by tracing them onto some paper, cutting them out and colouring the pieces in; because he (quote):”didn’t just want to leave it like that”.


It’s always such a blessing to see our children perceive a greater world than we did. It is this kind of creativity and simplicity that often provides solutions in our own lives too. Learning to repair more around the home not only opens the way for possible new hobbies and skills that we can share with our children; it also has the added bonus of reducing our overall waste.


The repair and repurpose mindset is growing in popularity too, with the Bower Reuse and Repair Centre recently launching Australia's first repair café, in Sydney's inner west. The crowd-funded project holds weekly repair sessions focusing on furniture, electrical items and even bikes! It’s not just here- the world's first repair café was set up in Amsterdam in 2009, and according to the Repair Café Foundation, there are now more than 400 around the world. You can read more about the repair café trend in this article from 



We hope to see more initiatives like this come about and become part of our lifestyles as we adapt to a more sustainable existence as a species. The great thing about looking at new ways to reduce our waste is that it’s almost always an amazing opportunity to teach our children more about the kind of world we hope to create for them. Looking at our kids, I think perhaps the future of our world is in the best hands it can be.


How have your own loved ones taught you new ways to approach a sustainable lifestyle? Be sure to let us know on our Facebook and Instagram pages- we love hearing from you and seeing your amazing photos!

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