Pledge Plastic-Free this Earth Day

April 27, 2018


It's Earth Day this week on April 22nd, we take a look at what is still Australia- and the world’s- biggest problem: our obsession with plastic.





  • Recycling one tonne of plastic saves enough energy to run a refrigerator for a month.



  • Plastics are made from oil, gas and coal, which are limited natural resources.



As our scientists and researchers have delved more into our plastic problem, some evidence has emerged that food can be contaminated from some of the chemicals found in the plastic wrap they are stored in. CHOICE Australia recently called for the food industry to introduce safer alternatives and phase out the use of plastic packaging all together.


It turns out the polymer molecules in plastic itself are far too big to move from the packaging into your food, but plastic can also contain tiny molecules  that are free to move into the food as the plastic begins to break down- which could mean bad news for items stored over time, too. The biggest concerns come from two such chemicals: Polycarbonate and PVC. Polycarbonate, which is often used to make bottles, packaging and the lining in cans, can release BPA, which experts believe can be harmful to our health. Luckily it is becoming easier as many major food companies are labelling their BPA-Free plastic on their packaging. PVC, which is used in bottles, cap-seals and of course- plastic cling film, is mixed with plasticisers. These chemicals make the PVC flexible and malleable and often contain Phthalates, which have also been found to be potentially harmful to humans.




There are various studies explaining the link between these chemicals and endocrine conditions, as well as other research into BPA levels in humans and their effects. This alone, isn’t the reason to switch from plastic packaging for our food and produce. As mentioned above, plastic production zaps our natural resources, and the old adage is true: the very first piece of plastic is still on the planet somewhere as microplastic.


The fact is, we really need to end our love affair with plastic all together, and find ways to reduce the damage already done to our planet. Luckily, there have been amazing innovations including the waste-to-energy programs by countries like Sweden, who are now buying plastic and waste from other countries to meet quotas and in the fields of scientific research, with one researcher discovering a bacteria that eats plastic, though further studies are needed to see if this would be an effective answer to our growing plastic problem.


For now, you can take the pledge this Earth Day, and change just 3 small things in your life that will benefit the world around us. For those of you wanting to stock up on Eco Food Wrap for your food storage, we have a new set of prints in our store for April- get in quick as these are sure to sell out quickly!



We also have our brand new wax refresher kits available in our online store for those of you wanting to go the step further and give your old favourites a refresh or even DIY your own! Be sure to share your efforts on our Facebook and Instagram page!



As an extra surprise, all orders placed on Earth Day will receive a FREE SMALL WRAP with their order when using the coupon code EarthDay18


Stay tuned next week- we have a brand new surprise for you, Eco Wrappers- something for all the family!


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