Celebrating Our Humble Beginnings

December 15, 2017


As many of you know, Eco Food Wrap had humble beginnings as a hobby and means of raising awareness. Elishah had started making the wraps for herself as well as friends and family and they got so much response that she eventually began selling them at local farmer’s markets under the name Munkiwraps (the name coming from the popularity of her handmade food wraps with her own little monkeys).


Maybe it was Elishah’s knack for sourcing organic materials and great designs, or her specialty beeswax blend that set her food wraps apart, but they started to grow in popularity. At this time, Elishah asked Shuaib if he might want to help grow the hobby into a legitimate business, and with a rebrand, a new website launched in early 2017 and some planning we now have the Eco Food Wrap you know and love today.


The farmer’s markets in Sydney are still going weekly and the bosses still man the stalls themselves- after all it's the 'bread and butter' of the business. We asked Shuaib to share some of his most recent experiences with you, our Eco Wrappers at the markets each week.



“It’s where we started out, and what helped us grow to the successful business we are today. We love doing the markets and one of the best parts of each week is seeing how Eco Food Wrap is more than just a product- it has actually become a point of conversation around sustainable lifestyle and how we can improve the future of our world.


One customer from our stall at Marrickville Markets for example, approached us very excited the other week, telling us how much Eco Food Wrap had changed their life. Not only do they no longer buy plastic cling film AT ALL, they also have used this small change as a catalyst for other changes and ways to get involved with conservation and sustainable living. We can’t get enough of stories like this- after all, when Elishah began making these for herself and close friends it was to answer a need for an alternative to single-use plastics in our own home and for our own life. It’s good to see it sparking a change in others and becoming something people want to share with their loved ones as well.


At Orange Grove Farmers Markets we watched as a young girl basically dragged her mother to our stall exclaiming ‘Mum, THESE are the ones you need to get me for school!’. Mum, a little exasperated, smiled as she asked her daughter just how many she might need for her School’s No Plastic for Lunch program and we looked on as she expertly chose her range of designs- no doubt to coordinate with her books and schoolbag for the new school year! We’ve also heard stories from many parents with school-age children who participate in similar challenges, such as Waste-free Wednesday and Plastic-Free Tuesday, saying their often reminded by their own kids to live more sustainably. Most mums end up switching every lunch to plastic and packaging free as it becomes much easier and we often see them return a few weeks later to stock up, ask about various uses and tell us ideas they’ve come up with!


And it’s not just the mini Eco Warriors either! We’re proud to say we see a lot of our older generation embracing plastic-free and sustainable lifestyle options as well. It’s really not a huge surprise- after all the idea of beeswax wraps to store and protect food is not a new one. Sustainable food storage has actually been a huge part of human culture for most of our history and the beeswax wrap dates all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians! It seems that our disposable culture has only developed in our most recent history, and we are glad to see that mentality changing, too. Trying to live with the earth is very much a part of the culture here in Australia, particularly with the older generation who have seen the world change and be affected by our actions.


We love that Eco Food Wrap reaches everyone- and is embraced by the whole family! The bright colours and designs are perfect for different tastes, and of course, we are updating with new prints all the time!”


Thanks for sharing, Shuaib! In the spirit of that Eco Food Wrap Family, we actually have our next special for The Eco Food Wrap Advent Calendar promotion launching today, Friday 15th December!


You spoke and we listened- many of you told us that you love the versatility of our large wraps. Suitable for everything from food storage to wrapagami, these 33cm x 33cm (13″ x 13″) beeswax wraps are great for storing leftovers, covering bowls, storing larger fruit and vegetables or even creating a bouquet wrap for your fresh herbs! These also make amazing Christmas wrap alternatives- simply fold and squeeze edges down and they will mould to your gift with the warmth of your hands AND provide a reusable extra gift for your friends and family.


Simply enter the coupon code ECOADVENT3 at checkout to receive a FREE large wrap valued at AU$16.00 with any order containing one of our 3 Packs that is placed this week (limit 1 per order). Also- next week, instead of a bonus freebie we have a last-chance flash sale starting for those later gifts or for those of you that wish to stock up for 2018 and the next school year.  


Keep an eye on our Facebook for more information leading up to the event!


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