A Spring In Our Step - Eco Food Wrap x PrepDish Giveaway!

October 6, 2017

It’s Spring and we all know this is the time of year we start to rejuvenate our lifestyle- often new exercise regimes are taken up in preparation for summer, and with the change of seasons, many like to shift their diets to a more conscious way of eating too. Spring-cleaning your well-being can be as important as sorting out the odds and ends around the house and prepping the garden for sunnier weather.


We recently came across PrepDish- a wonderful idea brought to life by chef Allison Scharf where clean preparation meets delicious gluten-free & paleo dishes. She uses her years of experience to create the meal plans that make up the goodness that is PrepDish. She got her start cooking at top health spas and then working as a personal chef for high profile clients & celebrities and is now a Chef, Dietitian and has a Masters in Nutrition.


Most importantly, she wants to take away the planning and stress surrounding mealtime and is devoted to providing people with easy-to-follow meal plans families will love. Her goals with PrepDish are:

  1. To save you time & decrease stress

  2. Ensure healthy & gluten-free tastes delicious

  3. Bring back family dinners

  4. Create happier, healthier people!

We’re all about family here at Eco Food Wrap- in fact, we celebrated Dad in our Father’s Day blog and talked about the motivation behind everything we do here at EFW- our beautiful children. Any business that wants to increase awareness around ethical food habits as well as bring back connection and love in the family unit through dinner time and meals is a business which we would definitely like to support! In this week’s blog, we thought that we would give you a quick run-down of how it all works.





So, how does it work?

The PrepDish team thoughtfully craft a week’s worth of gluten-free and paleo meals that feature seasonal ingredients to make the most of your budget, save you time and surprise your taste buds. Along with a weekly menu, you’ll get a printable grocery list and instructions for prep day — just 2 hours of preparation yields scrumptious, good-for-you dishes all week long. They work on a subscription basis, with monthly, yearly and premium options available. You receive a newsletter each Friday with links to your meal plan, recipes and tips as a downloadable PDF that has 3 handy sections:


PrepDish provide a grocery list for a complete weekly game plan for food. It's also organised by food type for shopping convenience (see the image below)



PrepDish also provide step-by-step instructions for prepping your meals: Simply set aside 2-3 hours for one day in the week as prep time for chopping, marinating, mixing sauces, etc.


Go into the week feeling accomplished & looking forward to meal time: Thanks to your prep day and thoughtful recipe planning, each daily prep time per meal is a quick and easy 5-20 minutes, and with our paleo and gluten-free dishes, you know your food is good for you, too!



The convenience of PrepDish is in the planning. If you can commit to your grocery shopping (produce growers may even find they have a lot of the ingredients handy!) and your prep day (2-3 hrs once a week) then your meal prep time each day is greatly reduced, and you have a host of ideas to help those days where we simply feel uninspired to cook. We love the fact Allison’s dishes use fresh ingredients (no processed ingredients- EVER) that are conscious to different dietary needs (providing alternatives for nut and dairy) and her recipes can even be easily substituted for vegetarian and vegan households! It was this conscious attitude that we loved about PrepDish, and when they approached us to collaborate, well, how could we say no?

This blog marks the official launch of the EFW x PrepDish 'Spring In Your Step' Competition.  The team over at PrepDish have kindly donated a gift certificate valid for 6 months subscription to PrepDish for one lucky Eco Food Wrap Blog Reader! As well as this, the winner also receives one of our amazing Eco Food Wrap 4 Packs which contains one each f our small, medium, large and extra-large wraps- perfect for storing all those cut veggie sand prepped components in your fridge! Not only that, but Eco Food Wraps have a wide range of uses in the kitchen, at work or for school lunches and it will help you take that extra step towards a plastic-free lifestyle. This prize is valued at $133 and entering is really easy.



All you have to do is tell us in 50 words or less how you plan to put a new spring in your step this year- it could be a new hobby, implementing new greener ways of living at home or even just changing up your diet! Be creative as the most standout answer will win. We will also be giving a bonus entry to each Eco Blog Reader that shares an idea they would love to see in an Eco Food Wrap Blog- our favourite response will also see their blog idea produced by the EFW team in one of our coming blogs!


Simply Click on this link to enter


*Must be following both Eco Food Wrap and PrepDish on Facebook to be eligible to enter- and so we can contact you for your prize! Competition closes October 15th 2017 at 11:59 PM AEST and winner will be announced Monday 16th October via Facebook and by email to the winner.


Good Luck Eco Wrappers- we look forward to reading your entries and picking a winner for this amazing, habit-changing, time-saving prize!

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