Celebrating #plasticfreejuly everyday

August 4, 2017

 Reusing is a big part of reducing our overall plastic use and waste production and although #plasticfreejuly has ended, it’s a great time to take the ideas we’ve learned and the discoveries we’ve made into the every day and make them permanent changes in our lives. Next time something needs replacing, we can use that as a chance to reflect on how we use that item- how is it made? Is it designed to last? How is it packaged? Is there an alternative that might be more ecologically sound and create less waste? Adopting this attitude means we soon find ourselves reassessing not just our single-use plastics, but also all the waste we generate in our daily living.


Image Source: replas.com.au


Of course, we’ve covered storage alternatives in previous blogs and even covered a sort of daily-use starter kit in our blog “Celebrating Environment Day Every Day”. Jars are great and easy to collect- just wash out old pasta, sauce and food jars! These are especially good for storing dry goods, which can be bought in bulk and without packaging in zero-waste stores. Not all of us have a zero-waste supermarket nearby, but you can now utilise the REPLAS bins that have been placed at major supermarkets as an initiative by REDcycle and REPLAS to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic and soft packaging we dispose of at home. Ingredients can be swapped over to plastic-free storage, and the plastic in these bins is then recycled to provide benches for seating in public areas, and other items that can be used in the community or in the industrial production process.


As well as this, we have reusable string and cotton bags for shopping, metal containers for food, cloth bags for frozen goods and of course- you can wrap your lunches, cut vegetables, cheese, fruit and leftovers in our very own reusable beeswax wraps- be sure to lookout for the Aussie Bee logo to know you’re using the ORIGINAL Eco Food Wrap! This way you can guarantee your product is sustainable from raw materials to the wrap you hold in your hands, as we hand make them here at our sustainably run, off-grid property.


Reusing doesn’t just mean glass jars for storage or Eco Food Wraps instead of plastic wrap and sandwich bags! The idea of reusing items can be taken beyond packaging and storage- before we buy a new piece of furniture or item for the home, it might be an idea to look for a second-hand alternative. With furniture for example, older pieces are often sturdier, more reliable and much more interesting! The same goes for many household items!


Clothing is another area where we often buy hidden plastic without even knowing it! Polyester, acrylic, rayon and quite a few other modern fabrics are actually labelled as a synthetic fabric and many of these either contain plastics or use plastic by-products in their production, having a huge impact on our waterways. These often end up breaking down into microplastic that ends up in our rivers and oceans. Natural alternatives have come a long way and organic cotton, hemp and other natural-fibre clothing being both affordable and better for the skin and body in most cases. Pre-loved clothing stores and 2nd Hand Op-Shops are also great sources of interesting and affordable clothing and you’re not adding to the production of newer items shopping this way!




We think this year’s #plasticfreejuly has been amazing! We’ve seen so much change happen this year, with the announcement that the major supermarkets Australia wide will stop providing plastic bags (finally) by next year, as well as programs like ABC’s The War on Waste showing that the Australian Public (and the world beyond) cares about the future of our planet and the way we consume and create waste. As a bit of a celebration of a successful month (and motivation to take these changes into the year and beyond) we’ve decided to have a huge flash sale here at Eco Food Wrap!


This weekend August 5th and 6th until 11:59 PM AEST we will reduce all stock in our online store to 40% OFF with the coupon code PLASTICFREE (when entered at checkout).



 It’s one of our biggest sales ever announced, so be sure to use this opportunity to stock up on all the wraps you’ll need for the various uses throughout your home! As well as this, we are giving away a free reusable straw pack for all orders totalling over $50 AUD (after the discount). These packs contain a stainless steel reusable straw and a cleaning brush made just for its narrow passages- meaning you can sip your drink in style and not worry about the impact it will have on our waterways. Our straw stocks are limited so be sure to get in quick, as it is first in best served!


We hope you’ve had a great month and learned a lot, as well as had the opportunity to educate others on the small changes we can make to live a more ethical lifestyle.


Happy shopping, Eco Wrappers… See you all at the sale!

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