Back to Nature with Eco Food Wrap

July 25, 2017

Hasn’t #plasticfreejuly been a great way to raise awareness about single-use plastics and sustainable alternatives, Eco Wrappers? In this week’s blog we wanted to share a few other uses for Eco Food Wraps beyond the kitchen or fridge. Did you know they are great for picnics, hikes and camping adventures?

 Barnets Reserve, Image Source: National Parks NSW


Through winter we often venture out into nature here at EFW HQ and use the time outside as an opportunity to connect with the winter outback and teach our children more about our own relationship to the earth. We often take our own little ones on the North Walking track in our area. Partly situated on the Central Coast of New South Wales and spanning a huge area from Mooney Mooney Creek Campground to Patonga, Pearl Beach and beyond Brisbane Water to Newcastle– this is a beautiful expanse of conserved land that makes for a great day out or a more serious overnight trek for those who are ready and willing!

 Brisbane Water National Park; Image Source: National Parks NSW


The walk is great for all types- there’s small, easy sections that are perfect for the kids and the more challenging sections (be sure to check the recommendations for the path you choose!). Graced with spectacular views, scenic landscape and all manner of native birds and wildlife, this walk is a great way to teach our kids about respecting nature and why the message to reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle is so integral to the future of our planet.




Living as waste-free as possible means we no longer purchase plastic bags or boxes to store our food, and this is where Eco Food Wraps’ breathable, anti-microbial beeswax-infused cotton surface comes into play, keeping any food or snacks you pack fresh for little hands while you trek through the bush or try and find that perfect picnic spot. This too becomes an opportunity to teach! Not having to create rubbish is a great way for children to understand that the more we leave things the way they are when we find them, the more harmonious our lifestyles are with our beautiful planet!


Once the kids are on board, you often find they remind you to keep it up and it is rewarding seeing them grow into heart-driven eco warriors that care about the future of their world and want things to change for the better. It’s also really fun to teach the kids different ways to use the wraps themselves- they mould easily with the warmth of little hands and they will love the bright colours and designs! We’ve even had a go at making a batman mask- inspired by our resident caped crusader of course!



Check out some videos on how to fold a snack pack for nuts and berries or small portions of food for the kids, or the video below on how to use our sandwich wrap for packing healthy sandwiches! (For the older hikers- you can even use an extra large wrap for your lunches- baguette sandwiches, anyone?). We’ve even found they work great for camping- storing different ingredients in different patterned wraps; and the kids just loved helping us put everything away after making dinner, which made for a nice family activity (and it made a chore feel less like a chore, too).


Be sure to share your wraps on the go photos with us! We love seeing our Eco Food Wraps in action! Share on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag us if you do!


Until the next blog- good luck with #plasticfreejuly!



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