Celebrating Environment Day Every Day

June 13, 2017


This week just gone celebrated World Environment Day on June 5th- a day usually earmarked as tree-planting day (though with the local torrents of rain I imagine it was somewhat hard to plant new trees in our part of the world!) For this week’s blog, we thought we’d share a little on how we celebrate our Environment every day!


One of the ways we celebrate this amazing ecosystem we get to be a part of is through waste reduction- minimizing how much waste we produce by looking at areas we can reduce, refuse, reuse or recycle. This is important for us- not only as it forms the basis of our business making Eco Food Wraps for you all (say goodbye to cling film and sandwich bags people!), but also because as an off-grid family living in a rural bush setting, every bit of trash we produce is noticeable. Reducing single-use plastics isn’t just about finding alternatives though. You can reduce your trash by an amazing amount if you start to act thoughtfully- being aware of what you buy and how it is packaged in the first place.


 Zero-waste container stores are brilliant options for those of you that keep and wash your jars- you can bring your own packaging and fill up on bulk dry goods, and it takes just a little pre planning and a few committed changes, and you’ll be living almost package free in no time. Be sure to stock up on your alternatives though- start saving all your glass jars and containers, make sure you have enough Eco Food Wraps for cheeses, fruit and vegetables and bread, and invest in a few, good, strong string or tote bags to carry your shopping home in. Not only will you feel better about the reduced impact you are having on the environment, you will also find your diet improving, as steering away from packaging means also steering away from unhealthy and processed foods. Not only will the planet thank you for it- your body will too!

As we have mentioned, we also live an off-grid lifestyle. This means we produce our own electricity ‘off the grid’ using solar panels, and collect rainwater to filter for drinking, washing, gardening and feeding animals. We also grow our own produce and keep chickens, rescue animals and bees- the latter being our ‘business partners’ in Eco Food Wrap-  they help us produce our raw materials and also help pollinate our gardens, meaning we coexist to help each other live.


Giving back to the earth as much as we can is really important to us- planting produce, as well as other plants and trees to enrich our immediate environment and strengthen the variety of native flora and fauna we have in this wonderful country of ours! Always be sure to do your research- you want to be planting native or non-invasive species that help your ecosystem flourish, so it’s important to figure out what will work well for you area and garden.


Speaking of research- another very important way we celebrate the environment everyday at Eco Food Wrap HQ is to research and stay engaged. It is so important to to constantly be looking at new information we find about our environment and caring for it and to engage with people so the awareness grows, more people are educated and make changes that lead to big shifts in how we live. Thanks to recent awareness on programs such as The War on Waste on ABC, more people are becoming aware and starting conversations around waste reduction! It helps to know a few interesting facts that can become a sort of ‘call to action’ for others to initiate change in their own lives- I do this with composting all the time! For example, did you know that if only 1% of Australians switched to composting their food and biodegradable waste, we would save 4 million tonnes in food waste ending up in our landfill, which leads to higher concentration of methane and carbon gas emissions into our atmosphere.- (source: war on waste ABC)



Just that fact alone has helped at least two households change their views on composting and take up the habit in their own homes. See? Facts get results, so be sure to do some research on topics you are passionate about and don’t be afraid to engage with others and get the conversation happening.


Speaking of engaging- be sure to connect with us on Facebook and let us know ways you celebrate your environment each and every day!

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