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April 11, 2017

It's amazing just how much we need these little creatures! (image source/stefan steinbauer)




WOW! It’s been a huge few weeks for us all here at Eco Food Wrap!


We have been blown away by all your support and dedication to a greener, plastic free future for our world. Thank you for all your support, we hope you are loving your wraps as much as we love making them for you!


We’ve had a few emails over the last couple of weeks from customers who are curious about the impact of using beeswax on the ecology of bee colonies. We thought this week’s blog should therefore focus on these concerns as this topic is very important to us! After all, we wouldn’t be here without bees!


We are huge animal lovers in our house, with myself being a retired vet nurse. We have 3 rescued dogs, a rescued cat as well as several ex-battery chickens, ducks and bees; all of whom are a very special part of our little off-grid family. We can absolutely understand the concern some of you may have towards the welfare of our bees. Because of our love of animals (big and small) we take great measurers to ensure an organic and low-impact process when collecting products from our hives. As beekeepers we produce and process our beeswax together with a local certified organisation in our area.  We then naturally clean and filter the wax to ensure that the final product is 100% pure and contains no foreign bodies. We never use chemicals or bleach in the treatment of our product. Due to this we can 100% guarantee that the wax is in perfect condition for our wraps, and for you.


Our little bee family (image source/



Here are some extra things that we do to make sure that our bees are as happy as possible!

  1. We always have plenty of flowers available for our bees.
    As we live in the bush we are surrounded by gum trees and many other flowering natives that offer pollen throughout the year. We also have multiple organic vegetable gardens and fruit trees, meaning that the combination of lush virgin bushland and our vegetable patches provides ample foraging opportunities all year round.

  2. Access to clean fresh water.
    We always leave bowls of rain water from our tanks close to the hives to ensure that they have access to fresh water. Although they also have access to the nearby river and our duck ponds, Australian summers can be harsh so we need to ensure that our bees are be well hydrated throughout the hotter months.

  3. Ventilated Hives. 
    We have purchased special bases for our hives which are ventilated, meaning that it can assist the bees in temperature regulation as well as minimising humidity and the possibility of pests.

  4. Pigeon Shaped Hive Roofs. 
    We wanted to make sure that the hives would be able to keep cool through out the warmer months, especially after the heat waves we faced last summer. Pigeon Shaped Roofs are designed to offer extra insulation to the hives as well as greatly minimise the noise of falling rain. The allows the bees to remain calm and happy in the case of heavy rain fall.

  5. Location of the Hives. 
    If I haven’t already said it enough our summers are hot! By watching the sunshine in our gardens throughout the year we were able to place our hives in a location that enjoy beautiful sun in winter and lots of shade in summer! This keeps the bees stress free!

  6. Triangular bee escapes. 
    We use triangular bee escapes in order to ensure the least amount of disturbance possible when extracting honey comb from their hives.

    We are absolutely against the use of smokers in our house. We believe bees are very clean insects and keep their homes smelling exactly as they like. Bees are clever and do this as a means of reducing pest infestations and to protect themselves from prey. Smokers disrupt their hard work and can make them subdued. Our hives are naturally very calm due to the measures we take to ensure minimal intervention. We simply put on our bee suits and know that the bees will happily carry on without the need for smokers.

  8. We leave them plenty of honey. 
    We believe it is so important to leave enough honey and wax for the bees. This ensures that they have ample honey stores for their babies and doesn’t cause stress to their important little families!

 We work hard to minimise the impact of our process on our bees. (image source:/annie spratt)



We love that you, our customers, are so invested in the well being of our bees. They are such an important part of our ecosystem and our eco-family! We love to raise awareness of their amazing abilities and encourage our friends and families to engage in healthy discussion about ways in which we can help support our local bee populations! 

Stay tuned as soon we will be featuring some blogs explaining how you can help the bees that live near you! 😃🐝

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