Introducing the Bread Wrap

March 28, 2017


How good is the feeling when you've just arrived home from the markets, or your local bakery, with a fresh loaf of beautiful crusty sourdough. The family digs in, cutting big slices and smothering them with avocado or cheese. It's just divine. That is until the next day, when your lovely loaf has turned into a rock and you struggle to cut yourself a piece for lunch.

We constantly had this problem until we started wrapping our bread in the Extra Large Eco Food Wrap. Our extra large wraps are perfect for ensuring that your bread will stay fresher for longer, meaning that you and your family can enjoy the bread for a few days extra!


The trick is that Eco Food Wraps let the bread breathe which means that your food doesn't sweat and go mouldy. However, they let just enough air both in and out so that your loaf doesn't go stale and hard before you get another chance to enjoy it!

The bonus thing about the Extra Large Food Wrap is that it is so versatile. It can cover cakes and other baked goods, as well as that large platter you desperately need to keep safe on the way to the party. I even wrapped a beautiful bouquet of flowering mint for my wife! (Check out the blog I wrote about it here).


Made by infusing organic cotton with an organic beeswax blend: Eco Food Wraps come in great designs and are customisable with a range of unique and beautiful designs and prints to suit your mood, décor or theme to a tee!


Click here to order your bread wraps today, and help pave a sustainable future for our world.

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