How To Use Eco Food Wraps

March 24, 2017


To use Eco Food Wraps, just use the warmth and pressure of your hands to create the seal. Once the wrap has cooled it will hold it’s shape and keep your fresher longer. There are a number of folding combinations to suit different food items. You can even make a great snack pocket for your trail mix or dried fruit!


I’ve listed our wrap sizes and some suggestions for uses below. Feel free to comment any creative uses you have for your Eco Food Wraps in the comments below!


Extra large wraps measure 42cm x 52cm (16.5” x 20.5”) and are ideal for keeping a loaf of bread fresh, storing cakes or baked goods, keeping a bunch of celery crisp or covering a large platter or dish of leftovers.


Sandwich Wraps are custom made for wrapping sandwiches on the go and using as a plate to catch crumbs. They measure 33cm x 33cm (13” x 13”) with a wooden button and string for fastening your wraps securely.


Our Three Pack is a kitchen starter pack with a little something for everything in your kitchen..and a little extra! They contain the following sizes:

1 x Small - 20.3cm x 20.3cm (8” x 8”) ideal for wrapping a lemon, avocado or small snack.

1 x Medium - 25.4cm x 25.4cm (10” x 10”) and are great for wrapping cheeses, herbs, covering large bowls and even wrapping half a pineapple for later!

1 x Large - 33cm x 33cm (13” x 13”) ideal for covering vegetables, baked goods, cut melons, bowls and smaller baking dishes.


We also have a Four Pack which contains one wrap of each size to suit every need in the home, schoolyard or office and like all our wrap packs, you can even customise your designs and prints! All our wraps are hand-made in Australia by the team at Eco Food Wrap using organic cloth, Jojoba Oil and our gorgeous beeswax blend. 


Don't forget to comment your creative uses for your Eco Food Wraps below. I can't wait to try your ideas!



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