The Bouquet of Flowering Mint

February 15, 2017


Before we decided to get married and start a family, we had many little traditions. One of which was my future wife's homemade choc/mint ice-cream that she would make on Saturday afternoons . She would make it from scratch using fresh ingredients (eggs, mint leaves, cacao, etc). Maybe it was the ingredients, or maybe the anticipation of waiting for it to freeze, or maybe just the extra dash of love she put in; but it was always AMAZING! 


A few years, and two kids later, we found that a few of our traditions had moved a little further back in the queue.

"Oh how much our lives have changed" I overheard my wife whisper to herself, as we entertained  our kids on the verandah. I remarked, in a somewhat cheeky, but reminiscent tone, that I remembered when she used to make me choc/mint ice-cream on Saturdays. To which she responded (without taking a breath) :"I remember when you used to bring me flowers"


So, after taking a few minutes to allow the the burn to heal, I snuck away into the garden to pick some mint that I had started flowering. I then carefully wrapped it up in a medium Eco Food Wrap, and presented it to her as a bouquet.


Needless to say I got my choc/mint ice-cream that day...


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