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Jessica Hazelwood

May 30, 2017

As a family we are reasonably eco friendly but for years I had been trying to find an alternative to plastic cling film for my very resistant to change husband to wrap his lunch sandwiches in. I purchased an Eco food sandwich wrap at the Rocks market last year thinking it would be something else that he would try once, declare that he didn't like it or it didn't work and it would be relegated to the back of a kitchen cupboard or be given away. Amazingly he loves it! He likes the button and string that secures the wrap, the lovely smell, the tactile texture and of course the quirky print! He is using it everyday and I am thrilled, he has even converted some of his work colleagues. Thank you, one very happy family X


May 28, 2017

I had heard about these wraps on FB and saw the stall at the market at The Rocks, so I bought myself a 3 pack.  I must be honest, I was a little sceptical (but hopeful!), but having used my wraps over the last few weeks I am really impressed.  They work and better still I am using them!!  Great product.


May 25, 2017

Love it ! Use it every day. Colourful & easy to identify. Very user friendly & great for the environment.

Joyce Noble

May 24, 2017

What could be better!  Safe, sensible, so snappy, sophisticated, suitable for so much!  Love this product!  No more chemicals touching my food!

Kerryn Walshe

May 23, 2017

I wish I knew about these wraps earlier. They are amazing!!! I use them for just about everything from food covers to wrapping leftovers to taking snacks to work. I have used them to wrap rice crackers and unlike any other plastic wrap or container, the crackers have remained crisp.  Yayyy to Eco Food Wraps.💜💜💜💜

JasonLeanne Willoughby

May 23, 2017

This is an excellent company and product! Thank you for giving us consumer eco choices


May 23, 2017

Such a fantastic idea, I don't feel guilty anymore brining snacks everywhere!


May 23, 2017

Eco Food Wraps bring a little jolt of happiness to my life because every time I open my fridge, I see little wrapped gifts of food for my family and it gives me the feeling that a party's about to happen!

Michelle Mosenki

May 20, 2017

I am SO happy with my wraps, my fresh cut fruit and veg stays fresh much longer in my fridge. 
Plus, my boys love to help wrap their school lunches now. 
My 5 year old ask for cucumber and carrot sticks last week, and specifically wanted the blue wrap because apparently that makes them taste better ���. Hahaha


May 13, 2017

This is such a fantastic way to replace the use of plastic food wraps. We love these in our home.


May 07, 2017

We love our wraps! After buying a few single wraps, we stocked up on a 4 pack and now we have stopped using gladwrap in our house and our fridge looks so colourful and fun. Plus they are so easy to reuse and the best part is our turkish bread lasts more than a day or two now!

Ebba Söderman

April 07, 2017

I'm happy to say that these wraps are very popular in Sweden as well!
Fantastic product!

Sue Cannon

April 03, 2017

Can't tell you how happy I am that I discovered Eco Food Wraps when I was visiting The Rocks market in Sydney last year. I've bought them for myself & my daughter. Ordering from the UK was so simple with quick delivery.

Bella Hounsome

February 08, 2017

Totally love my Eco food wraps!! Everyone who sees them is impressed as well and I get lots of questions about where I got them from! Thank you!!

Nicole Ash

July 06, 2016

The kids and i all fight over who gets to use the butterfly one!! We love it 

Suzie Briffa

July 02, 2016

I bought a set of wraps at Marrickville markets today & am already using them. Perfect for my home made almond milk that I made for first time today. Here is a pic. Very impressed with your product I'll be spreading the word around.

Janella Purcell

December 19, 2015

Janella's Green Xmas: I love clever and sustainable food storage options. No cling wrap for me! If you're going on a picnic over the holidays or taking a dish to a Xmas party, these Eco Food Wrap - Sustainable Food Storage are a natural alternative to cling film. 

Eco Food Wraps - Sustainable Food Storage made from ‘organic cotton, natural local beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil and a dash of love and goodness’.

Cute patterns and sensible sizes available. 


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