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Eco Food Wraps are handmade by our busy bees at our rural, off-grid property and while we take the utmost care to deliver a product that will last through use and reuse, your much-loved wraps can start to look a tad worse for wear (usually around the 9-12 month mark). To help extend the life of your wraps we have introduced a new product to our online store: The Eco Food Wrapjuvenation Kit.


The Kit contains 2 x 30g hexagonal blocks (or hexes) of our signature Eco Food Wrap beeswax blend and come wrapped in an unwaxed  22.86cm x 22.86cm (9”x 9”) fabric wrap (this size sits between our small and medium wrap and can be used to make a new wrap also!) and is available in a handy pack that includes a natural bristle brush tied to your kit with hemp string and a printed care card with the instructions below.


Pack Contents ($20.00): *1 x small (unwaxed) wrap .  *1 x brush .  *2 x wax hexes


With the occasional refresh, your wraps should last a long time. We often say they have a lifecycle of about a year- but it is important to note that this applies to our signature beeswax blend- the cloth itself should still be good after this time, and with a little trial and error with the refresh process, you could even make these last much longer, making them nearly endlessly reusable! Each hex should be enough to cover either 1 x Small, 1 x Medium & 1 x Large Wrap; or 1 x XL Wrap.


If you want to clean up your Eco Food Wrap prior to your refresh, take the opportunity to do a hot soapy wash of the fabric. Please note this is THE ONLY TIME we recommend using hot water, as it will definitely cause some of the wax blend to come off, which we usually don't recommend. After washing, hang the fabric in the hot sun to lift any stubborn stains, then read on below for a simple set of instructions on rejuvenating your Eco Food Wraps.


A NOTE OF CAUTION: Wax liquefies at about 80C so please use tongs if handling hot fabric. If you happen to burn yourself, immediately run under cold water and seek medical attention as required.


The added natural-bristle brush should be used to help you distribute your wax evenly. We recommend using official Eco Food Wrapjuvenation Kits to ensure you're receiving the quality signature beeswax blend made from organic and sustainable ingredients that Eco Food Wrap is famous for!




Prep your surface: you will need:


  • One (1) Eco Food Wrapjuvenation Kit (containing 2 hexes of wax and a natural bristle brush for distributing the wax.

  • Your older Eco Food Wraps

  • Baking Paper Sheets (One (1) per wrap)

  • A spare grater for the wax blocks

  • An oven tray

  • An oven preheated to a low heat (about 100°C) 

  • A flat surface to work on (tilted surfaces will cause uneven wax distribution!)

  • Optional: Tongs for handling fabric



1: Preheat oven to 100 C before beginning the process. 


2: Place your older wrap on the baking sheet/oven tray and pop it in the oven to melt the existing blend first. This will not only help warm your wrap but will also help deal with any creases and cracks in the surface of your wrap that need to be smoothed out prior to reapplying the wax.

3: If the wax has worn off in places or you need a complete refresh, you can sparingly sprinkle some new grated wax on the cotton before you heat the wrap in the oven. Grate the portion of one block over your wrap before placing it into the oven. See guide above for your size wrap

4: Wait a few minutes- keep an eye on your wrap to ensure the wax has melted but it isn't getting too hot, and then pull it out, using your brush on the flat surface to distribute the newly-melted blend evenly across the surface of your wrap. There is no need to turn it over as the blend will melt through the fabric, effectively waxing both sides. Using tongs, remove from baking paper before it dries and hang to set.

5: If your Eco Food Wrap fabric is in an awkward stage between waxed and worn out, it can still be used as a handy (and lightly water resistant) cloth for other things, such as presenting/wrapping flowers and herbs, rolling out your baking dough and even storage for items when travelling!

Of course, a worn wrap has many great uses- we use older wraps to cover items in the freezer, store our seeds and sprouted seedlings for easy, biodegradable transportation (see our spring garden blog: Getting Our Green Thumb On for Spring for more ideas like this), cut-outs of the patterns as collages for the kids- the possibilities are endless!


Don't forget once your Eco Food Wrap has truly had it, they can be used for kindling or thrown on your compost pile for further feeding the environment around us.


It’s that easy, Eco Wrappers! With our kits, you can extend the life of your wrap and even source your own fabrics! We do recommend using organic, fair-trade sourced cotton fabric that uses organic dyes as this is safest for covering your lunches and leftovers in the fridge.


Be sure to share your photos with us by following us on Facebook or Instagram. Use #ecofoodwrap so we can see your creations!

To order your Eco Food Wrapjuvenation Kit, simply follow this link to our online store or click below to add the kit directly to your cart!


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