Our story begins with a cynical outlook on a world polluted by our perceptions of a “Modern Civilization”. Polluted, depleted & unsustainable. It was always easier to say: ”What can I do? The problem is much bigger than me. I don’t have the power to change the world."                           


                              TRUE…. but we eventually realised that we did posses the power to change our own world.

And so began our journey of replacing our polluting lifestyle, with a more sustainable way of life. Along this journey, we moved Off-Grid, started growing our own food, keeping ducks, chickens and bees. But it was never enough.

We began to re-evaluate our needs, and re-define our resources; constantly searching for a more sustainable way of life. Memories of our grandparents often surfaced, remembering their sometimes unorthodox methods; like storing potatoes in a box of dirt under the house, instead of cleaned and in a pantry. Amazingly enough, they lasted for months under the house! Or hanging the lids of tin cans on their fruit trees to deter birds, or spraying their plants with a solution of garlic and water to keep pests away, instead of using pesticides. Their simplistic ingenuity was often astounding!


I also remembered my grandmother using a type of malleable cloth to over her jams and preserves. Even her cheese and herbs were always wrapped in the same cloth. So began yet another quest into the Self Sustaining Lifestyle. The long journey of research and knowledge led us as far back as Ancient Egypt where we learnt that they had used cloth coated in beeswax to preserve their food. Our long journey, driven by curiosity and determination, eventually saw our little quest evolve into something that would be so much more: Eco Food Wraps.


Handmade using organic cotton, coated in our signature beeswax/tree resin blend. Able to mould to the shape of any object, Eco Food Wraps will keep your food fresher for longer. Designed to replace cling-film, and being reusable, Eco Food Wraps are the environmentally friendly, naturally sustainable Food Packaging Solution.

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Our own Queen Bee and the brains behind Eco Food Wrap, Elishah, speaks with Candice Helfand-Rogers of The Story Exchange about how Eco Food Wrap grew from a hobby making sustainable solutions for family and friends to a thriving business making an impact on how we approach single-use plastic in our lives.

avocado in wrap

Going Green in 2018

The Announcer Magazine; Autumn 2018

Shuaib and Elishah share a few tips on reducing single-use plastics in our daily lives for The Announcer; a new community publication for the Central Coast NSW Area that highlights locally-run conscious businesses in the immediate area and connects them with the greater Coast Community.​

Click Here to Visit The Announcer Magazine Website

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